Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mission Sunday in Mendi

Today the Church celebrates Mission Sunday.  As you might imagine, in a traditional 'mission' country this takes on a special significance.  Today, in the Cathedral of Mary, Mother of the Good Shepherd, we also celebrated the commissioning of catechists... Men and women who carry the Good News of Jesus to every corner of the diocese.  The Diocese of Mendi has 33 parishes and almost 350 rural outstations.  If you consider that there are only 32 priests and only one bishop, you can see how important is the ministry of these (and other) lay men and women who take their baptismal call seriously.  Every Catholic, by his or her baptism is commissioned as a missionary, sharing in the very mission of Jesus Christ.  Jesus counts on all of us to do our part to spread the Good News of His love and salvation for all people.  We all have a part to play.  Next time you look in the mirror you can say: "Hey, there's a missionary!" As you can imagine, being a missionary in this day and age is not easy.  But we are not alone.  In Confirmation, we receive the power of the Holy Spirit who helps us be faithful to our mission.  And in the Holy Eucharist, we have food to strengthen us for this important work.  God bless our new catechists - and help us not to be afraid to take our part in the mission of your Son Jesus, with the help of the Spirit of Love.

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