Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mendi Priests' Senate

This past week, we held the Priests' Senate Meeting.  All of the priests working in the diocese come together for a few days to discuss aspects of our priestly life and ministry in the diocese of Mendi.  Practical matters such as how to deal with our financial challenges were discussed, but most of the meeting dealt with matters concerning our pastoral ministry to the people: ideas of how to implement the upcoming Year of Faith; youth ministry; ways of promoting self-reliance and localization; pastoral response to sorcery, etc...

In the diocese of Mendi, there are thirty-three priests.  Nine of them are local, Papua New Guinean diocesan priests.  The rest are from various dioceses and religious orders in Poland, India, Korea, Great Britain and the USA.  I have to confess that I admire all of our priests.  They face incredible challenges everyday:  nearly impassible roads, no electrical power, tribal tensions, spartan living conditions - yet everyday they bring the light and truth of the Gospel to the people in very remote areas with generosity and love.  They are living signs of God's presence and care.

Immediately preceding the meeting with the priests, I met with the religious Sisters working in the diocese.  They live and work in the same conditions and respond with the same zeal and dedication as the priests.

Let's remember to pray for vocations: those yet to come and those who are serving so faithfully in every corner of the world.

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