Monday, February 25, 2013

Transfiguration through Self-giving

On Sunday, 24 February at the Cathedral of the Mother of the Divine Shepherd, Mendi the church received a new deacon through the invocation of the Holy Spirit and the imposition of hands.  Pictured above are Deacon Eric Ankamah, SVD, Deacon Harry Mawoi - the new deacon, the happy bishop and Deacon Isaiah Timba.  It was a beautiful Lenten liturgy incorporating the rich traditions of the people of Papua New Guinea.

The Gospel for the Second Sunday of Lent is the story of the Transfiguration of Jesus - when he took Peter, James and John up a high mountain and was transfigured in their sight.  He allowed them a glimpse of his heavenly glory - to strengthen them for the coming scandal of the cross.

In my homily I said that we are all called to share the transfigured glory of Christ in heaven... and that the process of our own transfiguration begins with our Baptism where we enter into the mystery of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus as adopted sons and daughters of God.  This process of transfiguration continues in us in many ways, but especially when we follow in the footsteps of the Transfigured One - Jesus - through a life of self-giving.

Peter wanted to build three booths and stay on the Mount of the Transfiguration for ever.  But Jesus knew that in order to be able to share his glory with all of us for ever... that there was another mountain he had to climb - Mount Calvary.  Through this total act of self-giving love, Jesus passed from death to the ever-lasting transfigured glory of heaven.

This Lenten season helps us to remember that our path to transfiguration is on the same road... the road of self-giving love.

Congratulations Deacon Harry!  May your new ministry help us all walk this way of self-giving love following the footsteps of Jesus.


  1. Bishop Don, I truly enjoy starting my day reading your blog! I am blessed that you are my brother and Mendi is blessed having you as their Bishop! God Bless and keep smiling!
    Your Brother, Doug

    1. Thanks Bro Doug, Of course I know we are brothers.... but now I suspect that we might be twins... since I feel the way you do about being blessed that you're my bro.

  2. It's great from distant Spain to see how the Church of Christ spreads her message in every corner of the world. We pray for you. Good bless you all.


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