Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Mother Trinidad

Today, 10 February 2013 is the birthday of Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia.  I have not written much about Madre Trinidad before, but I did want to take the opportunity of her birthday to ask you for your prayers for this holy woman wholly dedicated to God and the Church.  Mother Trinidad is from Seville, Spain but has spent many years in Rocca di Papa, close to Rome - so that she could be closer to the Holy Father.  Mother Trinidad is the foundress of The Work of the Church - an Ecclesial Institution of Pontifical Right - recognized and approved by the authority of the Pope.

Recently, I had the singular grace of visiting Seville, Spain and the birthplace of Mother Trinidad... and in a very real way, the birthplace of the Work of the Church.  At that time, I received the medal of the Work of the Church from the hands of Don Francisco Javier, minister general of the priests of the Work of the Church.  (There are also consecrated men and women, together with lay men and women who make up the growing family of the Work of the Church.)  It was an unspeakable joy to become more closely associated with this wonderful family which continues to be guided and inspired by the life, witness, testimony, suffering and example of Mother Trinidad.

As a fruit of her intimate commuion with God, Mother Trinidad has published many works in various areas of theology and spirituality.  I have been very inspired in the way that the members of the Work of the Church live joyful, holy lives in the heart of the Church.  They reflect the beauty and profound mystery of the Church, that oftentimes can be lost in our contemporary times.

After the solemn mass in the chapel that has been constructed in what was before the family home of Mother Trinidad, members of the Work of the Church adjourned to a small auditorium where various members gave testimony of their experience of the Work of the Church.  In between the speeches, the children presented some traditional Andalusian song and dance.  It was an evening filled with goodness and joy.

So, today, 10 February 2013, I ask you to join me in wishing a very Happy Birthday to Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia - and to continue to remember her and all the members of the Work of the Church in your prayers.

In all of her messages, especially in these latter years, Mother Trinidad invites all people to remember to give Glory to God - because that is all that really matters!  The last photo is of the tabernacle in the chapel and a beautiful sculpture depicting the Holy Trinity.  Giving Glory to God fulfills our reason for being in this world and will lead us surely to the life to come.


  1. Gracias, mons. Donato por sus palabras y su felicitación a la cual se une toda La Obra de la Iglesia. Hace unos minutos, en la ceremonia de la parroquia Nostra Signora di Valme, en Roma, don Juan Jesús nos recordaba que la misión de La Obra de la Iglesia se llena totalmente ante el sagrario acompañando al Señor, siguiendo el ejemplo de la Madre Trinidad. Un saludo desde Valladolid, España.

    Thank you so much, mons. Donald for your words and your wishes which the entire Work of the Church joins. Some minutes ago, from the ceremony that took place in Nostra Signora di Valme in Rome, don Juan Jesús remembered all of us that the mission of The Work of the Church is wholly fulfilled when we stay with the Lord before the tabernacle, following the example of Mother Trinidad. Greetings from Valladolid, Spain.

  2. Estimado Monseñor Donato:
    Recuerde que todos los miembros de la Obra también estamos con Ud. en la Diócesis de Mendi, pues a pesar de los Kilómetros que nos separan nos podemos encontrar en el Sagrario, siempre unidos a la Madre Trinidad.
    un militante de Dos Hermanas.


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