Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mendi Cathedral Celebrates Silver Jubilee

The people of the Catholic Diocese of Mendi, in Papua New Guinea joined together for a three-day celebration to mark the Silver Jubilee of the dedication of the Cathedral Church. It was built and blessed on 8 December 1987 under the pastoral leadership of the late Bishop Firmin Schmidt, OFM Cap., the first bishop of Mendi.

"Singsing" groups from around the diocese came to join in the celebration - many dressed in their traditional attire and playing the traditional 'kundu' drum.

The youth of the diocese also participated in various ways.  Above, young people are interpreting a song dedicated to Our Lady, Mother of the Good Shepherd (the Patroness of the Diocese and the Cathedral) in creative dance.

In my homily, I talked a bit about the meaning of a cathedral in the a diocese as a symbol of the unity of faith and love - and a sign of Body of Christ and People of God being built up in a given place.  Further, I mentioned that a jubilee is a time to celebrate in the present; to give thanks for the blessings of the past and, to look forward in hope to the future and to the tasks that still lay ahead.

In this Year of Faith, the Silver Jubilee of our Mother of the Good Shepherd Cathedral, was a wonderful manner of strengthening our faith in Jesus, the Shepherd of our Souls.

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  1. hola MonseƱor Donato gracias por toda esta informacion, fotos de ordenaciones, confirmas, Misas, etc. Es como si viajara con usted por todos esos lugares del mundo conociendo, visitando hermanos, me da gozo saber todo esto y a la vez recuerdo lo que dice la gente que en la Iglesia Catolica no se siente nada y que por eso muchos se hacen protestantes ellos se llaman a si mismos cristianos pero la verdad que dejan de ser Cristianos cuando se apartan de la verdadera Iglesia Cristiana. Gracias por todo. Noemi.


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