Monday, December 10, 2012

Mother of the Good Shepherd

The Diocese of Mendi and the Cathedral of the Diocese (which recently celebrated its Silver Jubilee of dedication) is under the patronage of Mary, Mother of the Good Shepherd. Below is a song that was written for the occasion of the Jubilee celebration:

Mother of the Good Shepherd

I’m lost in the darkness and cold is the night;
The wild dogs are howling, I shiver with fright.
I’m far from the sheepfold, my eyes full of tears;
My spirit is broken by sadness and fears.
Mother O Mother, this poor sheep is lost;
I’m hungry and lonely and beaten and bruised.
Pray to your Son Jesus, his mercy to lend;
He is the Good Shepherd, my Saviour and Friend. 

This world can deceive us by glitter and fame,
And soon we may find ourselves broken by shame;
Mother of the Good Shepherd, I’m sad and alone;
Please ask your Son Jesus to come bring me home.

(I will try to find a way to upload the music  too!)

The devotion to Mary, as the Mother of Good Shepherd is common in Spain and in some Spanish-speaking countries.  Under this title, Mary has always been acclaimed at the Patroness of Capuchin Missions.  This title easily directs us to Mary's Son, the Good Shepherd of our souls.

(The picture above is one of the stained-glass windows in the chapel of Borromeo Seminary - the Seminary of the Diocese of Cleveland, where I had the privilege to serve on the faculty several  years ago.)

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